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Life Above the Cafe


Posted on May 20, 2020

Life Above the Cafe iOS and Android App

The Life Above the Cafe app brings delicious family friendly food and drink recipes straight to the palm of your hand. Stay up to date with all of the latest content that will help you to build your recipe box while feeding your family delicious meals that you created. It’s perfect for all ages and levels of at home cooks.

No time is a bad time to experience new ideas, especially when it comes to cooking. The Life Above the Cafe app delivers new ideas with detailed instructions, a thorough ingredient list, and friendly user content delivered directly to your fingertips.

We’ve also got you covered with converting in the kitchen and building a shopping list for all of your recipe needs. It’s absolutely free and easy to use!

Within the App:

  • The shopping list tool is available so that you can create a multi-store shopping list complete with categories and individual items and notes
  • The conversion tool you to convert liquids, weight, and temperature
  • Open the main website in your default browser to view all recipes and blog content

Privacy Policy

To review the Life Above the Cafe privacy policy please select the Life Above the Cafe link.